Thursday, April 25, 2013

Joyce and Daniel E Straus open Advanced Education Center at NYU

Philanthropist Daniel E. Straus knows the importance of receiving a higher education and giving back. In 2009, Daniel and his wife Joyce, in conjunction with his alma mater New York University (NYU), opened The Straus Institute for the Advanced Study of Law & Justice, located at the NYU Institutes on the Park in Washington Square Park. The institute’s mission is to welcome students from around the world in continuing their education in law at the highest level.

Knowing that education is the key to success everyone, Daniel believes all universities need the reliable resource right in front of them in order to have their students gain a positive experience during their four-year study. 

Each year, The Straus Institute defines areas of research and scholarship of relevance to society and steers a critical mass of the students to work in these areas.

To learn more about The Straus Institute, head over to

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